OSL Electives 2015-16


RMa; 5 to 12 ECTS The OSL Electives are a set of RMa courses offered by various departments of Literary and Dutch studies across the country. They reflect the specific orientation and expertise of the local RMa programmes and can be followed by students from other universities as well. Credits obtained in these courses do not count as credits acquired at the national school (OSL). In the academic year 2015-2016 OSL and the participating programmes offer the following Electives:

1-Madness and Art
2-Representation of Homosexuality in literature
3-Cultureel Erfgoed & Identiteit
4-Literature across Cultures
5-Literary Studies in the 21st century
6-Literature and Emotion
7-Literatuur en globalisering
8-Narrative Literature and Ethics
9-(New) Philology