Ravenstein Seminar (Winter School 2017) – Ecocriticism: Literature & Environment

Date: January 25-27, 2017 / EC: 5

During this winter school participants will get an overview of essential developments in recent research in ecocriticism and the environmental humanities and have an opportunity explore their own interest in these fields. The 2017 Ravenstein Seminar will start with an introductory workshop for RMA students on January 25 and continue with a two day conference on January 26-27. During the conference, international guest speakers and experts from Dutch universities will give presentations on selected aspects of the current ecocritical moment and its genealogies.

Deleuze Seminar 2016 – 2017

The seminar consists of ten sessions in English which will run throughout the academic year 2016-17 in Utrecht. Research masters and PhD students, as well as staff members, are welcome to participate. Students can get credits for their participation by attending regularly (attendance will be registered) and writing a final paper. Each session of the three-hour seminar will consist of an in-depth reading of a text by Gilles Deleuze (with or without Felix Guattari), sometimes alongside secondary texts by other theorists or philosophers

CfP HERMES Summer School – Literature and Art in Context (Aarhus 2017)

June 12 – 16, 2017 / For PhD candidates
Literature and art are always situated in a context, both literally, metaphorically and by reference. But what does this ‘situatedness’ mean? How do literature and art imagine or critically reflect a community, a state or a world and what does the social and cultural context of the reader or the spectator mean for the interpretation of a work of literature or art? Do globalization and new media change our understanding of what context is? And do new methods of comparatism or Big Data entail new ways of perceiving the concept of context?

Promotie Emy Koopman (EUR) – Reading Suffering

Reading Suffering: An Empirical Inquiry into Empathic and Reflective Responses to Literary Narratives Datum: Vrijdag 30 september, 11.30-13.00 (verdediging) en 13.00-16.00 (receptie). Locatie: Campus Woudestein Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50. De verdediging vindt plaats in de Senaatszaal van het Erasmusgebouw op de campus. De receptie is in de Paviljoen, ook op de campus. Klik hier voor een plattegrond van…  Read more →

De academicus als bloemlezer – Workshop contemporaine Nederlandstalige poëzie

Date: Nov 18 / EC: 1

In deze workshop maak je kennis met onderzoek naar de contemporaine poëzie uit Nederland en Vlaanderen. Ook denk je na over de vraag welke rol literatuurwetenschappers hebben in de canonisering van contemporaine literatuur

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