Training programme for RMa students

OSL offers RMa students in Literary Studies a comprehensive training programme that combines broad overviews of the developments within the field with in-depth research and introductions to methodological approaches. Students will become familiar with current theory and research in Literary Studies, in particular in the focal areas of research at OSL (see Mission statement).

Credits: Graduate students are required to obtain a minimum of 5 EC each year at their national research school. (However, different programs have formulated different requirements, so please be sure to check at your home base.) The OSL core curriculum for RMa students offers many options for obtaining these credits. They include:

  • OSL Seminars see announcements on the website
  • Ravenstein Seminar 2020 (Winter School); 5 EC (students who want to obtain 6 EC can contact the OSL office).
  • Skills Courses see announcements on the website
  • Masterclasses, lectures, additional courses etc. offered throughout the academic year (usually for 1 to 3 EC).

For a complete overview please see the Calendar under ‘Upcoming Events’.