OSL Award 2016: Call for Submissions (Deadline extension)

OSL Award 2016

Each year, OSL rewards one of its members with an OSL Award for the publication of an excellent scholarly book or article. Founded at the occasion of the school’s 20th anniversary in 2015 and reflecting a rich tradition of distinguished scholarship at OSL, the Award is intended to acknowlegde original and innovative contributions to the field of literary studies and to highlight the work of talented scholars at the beginning of their careers. The OSL Award comes with prize money of € 250,-.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Recipients must be OSL members* who have obtained their PhD no longer than four years ago; a completed PhD is not a requirement. (* they must be or have been OSL PhD candidates)
  • The award will be granted for a work of literary criticism of outstanding quality and originality. The work must have been published in book form or as an article in one of the modern European languages, within a period of four years prior to the granting of the award, i.e. within the period 2012-2016 for the 2016 OSL Award.


  • Publications can be submitted by the authors themselves or anybody else. Submissions should be accompanied by a brief motivation in which the merits of the publication are outlined.
  • The awards committee consists of the members of the OSL board.
  • Articles should to be submitted as PFD-files to OSL-fgw@uva.nl. Books can be submitted in digital form as well (if available), otherwise a hardcopy should be send to Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies, UvA, Spuistraat 210, 1012 VT Amsterdam. NOTE: When sending in a hardcopy after May 23, 2016, please use our new address: Kloverniersburgwal 48, 1012 CX Amsterdam.
  • The deadline for proposals for the 2016 OSL Award is November 30, 2016.

We look forward to your submissions!

Prof. dr Henk van der Liet (Director)
Dr Stephan Besser (Programme Director)
Dr Brigitte Adriaensen (Head of the OSL Board)