Beyond Boundaries: Authorship and Readership in Life Writing

24th -25th October 2019
Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Until now little attention has been paid to the boundaries between life writing for adults on the one hand and life writing for young readers on the other. Beyond Boundaries will explore this aspect of life writing. This conference will consider how and why studying the reception and audiences of life writing for both adults and young readers is important.

Another issue that has not received much attention in life writing research is the boundary between life writing by adult authors and life narratives by young people. How do young life writers relate to narratives by adults? How similar or different are the ways in which adult and young writers engage in modes of self-representation? And what is the influence of social media on life writing by young people?

Beyond Boundaries will consider these and other related aspects of life writing.

Keynote lectures will be given by:

Anna Poletti, co-editor of Life Narratives and Youth Culture: Representation, Agency and Participation (with Kate Douglas, 2016) and Identity Technologies: Constructing the Self Online (with Julie Rak, 2014);

Julia Lajta-Novak, editor of Experiments in Life-Writing: Intersections of Auto/Biography and Fiction (2017). Julia is a member of the editorial board of the European Journal of Life Writing.

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open on our website: beyond-boundaries

Professor Helma van Leirop-Debrauwer (Tilburg University), Dr Monica Soeting (European Journal of Life Writing), Dr Jane McVeigh (University of Roehampton).