Book presentation: “Remembering Transitions” by Ksenia Robbe & Pablo Valdivia 

Book presentation: "Remembering Transitions" by Ksenia Robbe & Pablo Valdivia 

Remembering Transitions
Local Revisions and Global Crossings in Culture and Media

University of Groningen – Jantina Tammeszaal
21 November 2023 – 17:00 

Authors: Ksenia Robbe & Pablo Valdivia
Discussants: Senka Neuman Stanivuković & Margriet van der Waal

About this book:

This volume offers critical perspectives on memories of political and socioeconomic ‘transitions’ that took place between the 1970s and 1990s across the globe and that inaugurated the end of the Cold War. The essays respond to a wealth of recent works of literature, film, theatre, and other media in different languages that rethink the transformations of those decades in light of present-day crises. The authors scrutinize the enduring silences produced by established frameworks of memory and time and explore the mnemonic practices that challenge these frameworks by positing radical ambivalence or by articulating new perspectives and subjectivities. As a whole, the volume contributes to current debates and theory-making in critical memory studies by reflecting on how the changing recollection of transitions constitutes a response to the crisis of memory and time regimes, and how remembering these times as crises renders visible continuities between this past and the present. It is a valuable resource for academics, students, practitioners, and general readers interested in exploring the dynamics of memory in post-authoritarian societies.