Call for Papers: MLA Session on Literature and Human Rights

You are invited to propose a paper for the MLA session ‘Literature and Human Rights’, convened by members of the OSL research group Literature, Law and Society. The 2022 MLA convention will take place in Washington, DC from 6 to 9 January 2022. If interested, please send a 200-400 word abstract (+ short CV) to the contacts indicated below by Saturday 20 March 2021, end of day (Central European Time). NB: The session is not yet guaranteed at this stage. The general timeline for session proposals is described below:

  • 20 March 2021: Deadline for abstracts
  • 1 April 2021: Session proposal is submitted to MLA; Those who submitted an abstract are informed about the outcome of the selection.
  • May 2021: MLA informs convenors regarding the outcome of their session proposal.
  • 6-9 January 2022: MLA Convention.


Contacts: Dr Ted Laros, Open University ( and Dr Alberto Godioli, University of Groningen (

OSL PhD Day: Call for Abstracts

As you may have already seen through the newsletter or on the website, the 2021 OSL PhD day will take place on 11 June 2021. The day’s theme will be “The Different Uses of Literature Today and Possible Futures for Literary Studies”, and the two keynote lectures will be given by dr. Merve Emre and dr. Sinan Çankaya. In between Emre’s morning keynote lecture and Çankaya’s afternoon keynote lecture, the PhD day program will contain two panel sessions, each consisting of three fifteen-minute presentations in which OSL PhD’s can present their work in progress and get to know each other’s work better. This means six of you will have the opportunity to present on the PhD day, and receive feedback from the panel as well as from fellow OSL PhD’s!

The first panel session will loosely revolve around the theme of “Change within the field of Literary Studies”. Issues related to this theme would for example be new methods or new objects of study, digital research methods or digital objects of study, and relatively new sub-fields of literary studies such as ecocriticism and climate literature, affect studies, and multilingualism.

The second panel session will engage with the theme of “Societal change and literary activism”. Issues related to this theme would for example be the literary representation or cultural memory of activism, literary genres that could be considered activist such as utopian or dystopian novels, emancipation as addressed in objects of literary scholarship, and empirical approaches to the role of literature in society.

We warmly invite you all to consider presenting either a published paper or your work in progress in one of the panel sessions during the 2021 PhD day!

Please send a 300 word abstract of your 15-minute presentation to and before March 15th 2021.