CfP: OSL PhD Day 2023

Dear OSL PhDs,

After the success of the previous editions in 2021 and 2022, we are excited to announce that the upcoming OSL PhD day will take place on Friday 9 June 2023. The day’s theme will be “Literary Studies: Tools of the Trade.” The program will consist of a keynote lecture (speaker TBA) and two panels, each consisting of three fifteen-minute presentations in which OSL PhDs can present their work in progress. This means that six of you will have the opportunity to present.

The first panel will loosely revolve around the theme “The Tools of Literary Studies: Past, Present, Future.” Issues related to this theme could include:

  • Tools, methods and concepts that you find productive in your own work
  • How is the literary studies toolset changing in response to new objects of research (e.g., AI-generated literature, refugee archives, endangered literatures) and changing forms of textual circulation?
  • Which concepts (e.g., sustainability, mediation, planetary, form) or methods (e.g., close/distant reading, comparison) might best equip literary studies as we move forward?

The second panel will loosely revolve around the theme “Importing and Exporting Tools: Interdisciplinarity and Transferability.” Issues related to this theme could include:

  • How are methods/concepts from other disciplines and (sub)fields (e.g., medical humanities, posthumanism, digital humanities) expanding and potentially transforming the literary studies toolset?
  • How can the tools, concepts or methods of literary studies be used in textual, disciplinary, and professional contexts beyond the literary?

The PhD day will take place at Utrecht University (Janskerkhof 2–3, room 019). The panels will be followed by a networking session in which presenters and participants can get to know each other’s work better. The conversation sparked during the session will then continue in a more informal setting during the concluding drinks!

We warmly invite you all to consider presenting either a fully-fledged paper or your work in progress in one of the panel sessions during the 2023 PhD day! Please send a 250-word abstract of your 15 minute talk and a short bio to by Monday 24 April at the latest.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sofía Forchieri ( or María Isabel Marín Morales (