Elections OSL Student Board

Groningen | 8 September 2021


Dear Students,


In the coming months, there will be changes in the student representation at the School Board, also due to one of your representatives completing her PhD trajectory.

In this regard, we will run elections for a newly created Student Board (Student Raad) following the new guidelines for national research schools. The Student Board will consist of two PhD candidates and two ReMA students who will liaise with the OSL Management Team and the OSL School Board. 

The role of the new Student Board will be to provide advice to the Management Team and the School Board on academic matters related to OSL’s training programme and academic activities. Two members of the Student Board (preferably 1 PhD candidate and 1 ReMa student) will have seats in the School Board meetings (two/three meetings per year).

In the forthcoming elections, three places will be available for election (1 PhD and 2 ReMA) as your PhD representative Kim Schoof will remain in service until the completion of her doctoral trajectory.

Further details about the election dates and procedure will be communicated to our OSL student community in the coming weeks. In the meantime, prospective candidates can contact the OSL Management Team until 30 September 2021 (end of day) by sending an email to osl@rug.nl stating their student status (PhD or ReMA), full name and university affiliation.


Many thanks for your cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you to our Student Board.


On behalf of the OSL management team,


Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia

Academic Director OSL