Call for Proposals NIAS Conference 2021

Amsterdam | 9-11 June 2021
The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) welcomes proposals from scholars and cultural practitioners for the NIAS Conference from 9-11 June 2021
The overarching theme of this interdisciplinary 3-day conference is studies of belonging. The definition of ‘studies of belonging’ will deliberately remain open as this concept can apply to a vast range of social, historical, material, cultural, psychological, juridical, social geographical, and economic phenomena.

Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijzen 2021


De deadline voor nominaties is 15 oktober 2020
De inschrijftermijn voor de Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijzen 2021 is geopend! Nominaties kunnen uitsluitend digitaal worden ingediend, via het formulier op de website van de KHMW.

Posthuman Convergences: Theories and Methodologies (Prof. Rosi Braidotti)

Online summer school | August 12-21, 2020 Aims The 2020 intensive course will focus on “Posthuman Convergences”. The aim of this interdisciplinary course is to track the convergences between different branches of posthuman knowledge production. It starts by offering a selected overview of contemporary scholarship on the ‘posthuman turn,’ notably its applications and implications in […]

Call for Papers: “Bodies Matter” Conference

On 15-16 April 2021, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) will host “Bodies Matter”, a two-day conference on histories and theories of the body. The Conference Committee encourages participation from a diverse range of researchers across the humanities and social sciences.

The conference will feature keynote lectures by Dr Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature in English, University of Oxford and Dr Willemijn Ruberg, Associate Professor in Cultural History, Universiteit Utrecht. Final remarks and a concluding session will be supervised by Dr Frans-Willem Korsten, Senior University Lecturer at LUCAS.

PhD Course ‘Heritage activism, memory politics and the decolonial turn: haunted and haunting bodies, spaces and histories’

Aarhus | 14-16 January 2021   Venues: Nobel Park, Building 1481-1485, Jens Chr. Skousvej 2-4 Auditoriums 1440-1443, Taasingegade 3, Studenterhus Aarhus (Meeting rooms), Nordre Ringgade 3, City: Aarhus  C ECTS: 3   Partners: ECHOES researchers, Warsaw University, University of Rennes, UWE Bristol, The Research Program Cultural Transformations, The Research Program at the Department of Global […]

New open access book series “Global Cultures and Politics” published with UGP

The series aims to publish innovative, multidisciplinary and cutting edge new scholarship in Global Cultures and Politics irrespective of subject matter, methodological approach or theoretical angle. The series brings the latest academic contributions in Global Studies, Cultural Analytics and Literary Studies to bear on the most timely societal challenges and scientific debates in our contemporary […]

Call for Papers: for inaugural issue Mistral

We are now accepting submissions for our inaugural issue. The journal welcomes articles that examine Latin American women’s contributions to intellectual history and the cultural sphere more broadly. Accepting submissions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, Mistral explores ideas and the arts in all their forms, from the pre-colonial period to the present day.