Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food 2018

University of Amsterdam | 16 November – Saturday 17 November 2018
The act of ingestion ensures our intimate relationship with food. This literal ‘incorporation’ has implications that go far beyond basic physicality: it is precisely in the corporeal sphere that the cultural significance of our food habits is on display. Crucial to the connection between food and body is the concept of control. State institutions, medical professionals, and spiritual teachers have prescribed and proscribed dietary behaviour, exercising what Michel Foucault has termed ‘biopower’, in an attempt to regulate the nourishment of populations. Such nutritional advice has often been a form of moral guidance: to authorities like doctors and religious leaders, public health was a medical and an ethical issue.


Stellenbosch (South Africa) 9-13 September 2019 CALL FOR PANEL PROPOSALS In a multilingual and multicultural world shaped by mediated interactions between people from diverse national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, translation in all its forms and interfaces is more prevalent than ever. In Africa, as in the rest of the world, translation is intrinsically linked with […]

International conference: Translation and Performative Practices: Itineraries in Translation History

13-15 December 2018 | University of Tartu (Estonia)
The 4th conference of the Itineraries in Translation History series will focus on the elusive translation and interpreting practices related to texts that are in constant change and movement from a historical perspective. Special attention will be paid to translations of theatrical texts and audiovisual translation in film and television, but we also welcome papers dedicated to various problems related to translating other verbal and nonverbal sign systems and to the issues of inter- and intrasemiotic translation.

Workshop: Theorizing Literary Practice: Between the Postcolonial and the Decolonial

14 June 2018 | Utrecht University
The workshop Theorizing Literary Practice: Between the Postcolonial and the Decolonial wants to engage non-western literatures and the arts as a meeting point of decolonial and postcolonial critique. Within western academia, both strands of critical thought have taken interwoven but different theoretical routes as they emerge from different historico-political entanglements.

Summer School: Posthuman Ethics, Pain and Endurance (Utrecht University)

The registrations for Prof. Rosi Braidotti’s 2018 summer school at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) are now open. The 2018 summer school, titled “Posthuman Ethics, Pain and Endurance,” which will take place between the 20th-24th of August 2018 at Utrecht University, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, combines an introduction to the basic tenets of  Braidotti’s brand of […]

Summer School: Beyond Horizons

Transmitting and Writing New Identities of Minorities and Migrants in and beyond Europe 17 – 22 June 2018 University of Groningen This summer school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer as an important tool to build up sustainable societies. Special attention will be paid to minorities and migrants. The concepts of cultural […]

Lecture: Prof. Harry Berger Jr. ‘Bad Boys and Hipsters: Shakespeare’s Iago and Rembrandt’s Rembrandt’

ACSGA colloquium: Prof. Harry Berger Jr. ‘Bad Boys and Hipsters: Shakespeare’s Iago and Rembrandt’s Rembrandt’ Date: 8 May 2018 | 15:30 – 17:00 Lecture “I am more sinned against than sinning,” whines King Lear, giving voice to a cultural readymade that Harry Berger calls the victim’s discourse. By contrast, villains have no patience with this […]

Pluralism = Monism: What Deleuze learns from Nietzsche and Spinoza

Alan Schrift on Deleuze, Nietzsche, Spinoza. Respondent: Gregg Lambert. Prof. dr. Alan Schrift, F. Wendell Miller Professor of Philosophy – Grinnell College with a response by: Prof. dr Gregg Lambert Dean’s Professor of the Humanities Syracuse University Date: Friday, February 16th, 15:00-17:00 Venue: Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21 (room 0.05), Utrecht In this paper, I examine Deleuze’s […]

Call for Papers – Textual Transactions

Call for Papers Textual Transactions IN NETHERLANDIC LITERATURE, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE 3–6 January 2019, Chicago Session organized by the MLA Dutch Forum The Modern Language Association is the oldest and largest professional organization dedicated to the study of language and literature in America. For the 2019 convention of the Modern Language Association, the MLA Dutch […]

CETRA Summer School 2018

CETRA Summer School 2018 Special anniversary edition 30th Research Summer School 27 Aug – 7 Sep 2018 Followed by an international conference on Publishing in Translation Studies 7 – 8 Sep 2018 Both at KU Leuven, campus Antwerp, Belgium   CETRA Chair Professor: Sandra L. HALVERSON Western Norway University, Bergen, Norway On the occasion of […]