Call for Papers: ‘Narratives & Climate Change’

Within the current debate on the societal and environmental impact of climate change scientists and policymakers as well as artists stress the importance of producing compelling narratives to envision a safe future society. Especially speculative fiction – the genre that explores possible futures – plays an important, integrating role in imagining and engaging with the implications of climate change: not only do fictional narratives offer a great opportunity to engage readers on a personal level with the complexities and scale of climate change, they also prove to be productive in policy making practices and in mediating calculated, datadriven climate scenarios (Hajer 2005; Hulme 2009; Thomas 2013; Moezzi a.o. 2017; Johns-Putra 2016 and 2019).

CFP: European Journal of English Studies volume 27 (2023)

The editors of EJES are issuing calls for papers for the two issues of the journal to be published in 2023. Potential contributors are reminded that EJES operates a two-stage review process. The first is based on the submission of detailed proposals (up to 1,000 words) and results in invitations to submit full essays from which a final selection is  then made. The deadline for essay proposals for this volume is 30 November 2021, with delivery of completed essays in the spring of 2022, and publication in Volume 27 (2023).

Online Symposium: The Human in Digital Humanities

Online Symposium, Tilburg School of Humanities & Digital Sciences | Tilburg University | June 23 & 24, 2021   We live in times of global crises: climate change, the pandemic, and the global confrontation with structures of systemic racism. When we are watching the news and reading the papers, we are confronted with issues so […]

Soapbox Call for Papers: 3.0 ‘Impasse’


Deadline extended to January 15th   For the next volume of Soapbox, a graduate peer-reviewed journal for cultural analysis, we invite young researchers and established scholars alike to submit work that critically engages with the theme of impasse. [Border] In its first instance, and most literal meaning, an impasse indicates a border that arises in our […]

MasterLanguage Course: Escribir violencia en Latinoamérica: humor, afecto y cuerpo

Leiden | February – April 2021 | Instructors: Nanne Timmer (LU) ism Brigitte Adriaenssen, Reindert Dhondt en Gabriel Inzaurralde

Este curso ofrece una serie de reflexiones sobre repertorios culturales en torno a la violencia y sobre su circulación y recepción. Después de
una introducción teórica que problematice la noción de violencia desde un enfoque poscolonial, el curso explorará estudios específicos sobre el tema. Estudiaremos, por ejemplo, textos literarios de autores latinoamericanos contemporáneos que van desde el realismo al delirio
absurdo. Exploraremos, por ejemplo, la lectura y recepción de las imágenes de violencia en las cárceles en Chile y veremos cómo Martin
Kohan construye una de sus novelas sobre la imposibilidad de narrar la crueldad de la dictadura argentina. Estudiaremos el papel central del
humor ―conociendo incluso las dificultades del tema―, y afrontaremos la poesía activista en México; poesía que gira en torno al creciente
número de feminicidios y el rol-mujer en este contexto tan difícil.

Conference: Cultural perceptions of Safety

21 & 22 January 2021 | Open University
This two-day conference will bring together scholars from eight different countries and various humanities disciplines to pursue fluctuations in conceptualizations, expressions and feelings of safety over time as well as in cultures of surveillance and safety practices. Speakers will address a variety of topics, ranging from narratives and visual discourses of (un)safety, to representations and imaginations of places and spaces of safety and regulations to ensure safety.

Vacancy: OU Promising Scholar Fellowship (Humanities)

Deadline: 18 december 2020 | Locatie: Heerlen
Overweeg jij een onderzoeksvoorstel in te dienen in het kader van het NWO-programma PhDs in the Humanities? Dan ben je op zoek naar een faculteit die jouw voorstel selecteert voor indiening bij NWO. Had je daarbij al aan de Open Universiteit gedacht? De Open Universiteit biedt een relatief korte route naar indiening van jouw voorstel bij NWO. Geïnteresseerd? Meld je dan aan voor dit fellowship.