Lecture by Andrew Piper: Generalization, Data, and the Problems of Evidence in Literary Studies

Online | 23 October 2020


On 23 October 2020, Prof. Andrew Piper (McGill University) gave a lecture as part of the OSL workshop Generalizations, Hypotheses, Evidence in Literary Studies (organized by Dr Roel Smeets, Radboud).

You can watch the recording of the lecture here (NB: If you see an error message or the video takes too long to upload, please try with another browser or download the video)

Andrew Piper is Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University. He directs .txtLAB, a laboratory for cultural analytics at McGill, and is editor of the Journal of Cultural Analytics. His work focuses on applying the tools and techniques of data science to the study of literature and culture, with a particular emphasis on questions of cultural equality. His latest book is Can We Be Wrong? The Problem of Textual Evidence in a Time of Data (Cambridge University Press, 2020).