New open access book series “Global Cultures and Politics” published with UGP

The series aims to publish innovative, multidisciplinary and cutting edge new scholarship in Global Cultures and Politics irrespective of subject matter, methodological approach or theoretical angle. The series brings the latest academic contributions in Global Studies, Cultural Analytics and Literary Studies to bear on the most timely societal challenges and scientific debates in our contemporary societies.

The new open access book series “Global Cultures and Politics”, co-edited by Professor Pablo Valdivia (Faculty of Arts), is published by the University of Groningen Press together with the University Press of the University of the Frontier (Universidad de La Frontera, UFRO, Chile). Books in the series are published in English and Spanish alternately.

The first edition is entitled “Leyendo el tejido social: Análisis discursivo y retórica cultural en el sur global“.

More information about the “Global Cultures & Politics” Series