Online Winter Course | The Anthropocene: Ecologies, Tensions, Futures

This is a call for applications for The Anthropocene: Ecologies, Tensions, Futures (, a two-week online winter programme at the University of Amsterdam.

In this graduate level course, we explore the implications of the “Human Age” as a proposed geological and cultural epoch, marked by wide-scale human intervention in the natural world. The tensions are more widespread than ecosystem destruction: the Anthropocene touches on the core of how people do business, lead their daily lives, and think about our common future.

Join us online at the University of Amsterdam, where we’ll bring together passionate participants and expert lecturers from diverse fields to develop the networks and frameworks needed to address to what for many are the most pressing issues of our time. A many-faceted problem requires an interdisciplinary approach: we will explore the Anthropocene through the lenses of geology, ecology, the social sciences and the humanities.

Tuition: €800 | Credits: 4 EC | Application Deadline (Rolling Admissions): 15 December 2021 | Academic Dates: 17-28 January 2022 | Questions?