OSL Academic Programme 2021-2022

The first overview of the OSL academic programme for 2021-2022 is now available! For the activities taking place in Semester 1, registration will open in September (more details will follow soon). If you have any questions, you are welcome to send an email to osl@rug.nl.

NB: All events are being planned as hybrid or onsite, but will move online if necessary.


Semester 1 (October 2021 – January 2022)


Symposium Decentering Narratives in Latin America | Online, 1 October 2021, 14:00-18:00 CET. Organizers: Juan Del Valle Rojas, Elizabeth Pinilla Duarte and Gonzalo Albornoz Barra (University of Groningen). 1EC.


OSL Research Day | Groningen, 8 October 2021, 10:00-18:00. Keynotes: Prof. Debjani Ganguly (University of Virginia), Prof. David Damrosch (Harvard University) and Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (Utrecht University).


Seminar Europe as Narrative | Amsterdam, 6, 13, and 20 October 2021; 3, 10 and 17 November 2021 (14:00-17:00 CET). Organizers: Prof. Dr. Margriet van der Waal (University of Groningen) and Dr. Astrid Van Weyenberg (Leiden University). 5ECs.


Workshop Eternal Presents and Resurfacing Futures: Postcolonial/Postsocialist Dynamics of Time and Memory in Literature and Art | Groningen, 28-29 October 2021. Organizers: Dr. Ksenia Robbe (University of Groningen), Dr. Hanneke Stuit (University of Amsterdam) and Dr. Sanjukta Sunderason (University of Amsterdam). 1-2ECs.


Workshop Women and Transnational Modernisms | Groningen, 1-2 November 2021. Organizers: Dr. Camilla Sutherland (University of Groningen), Dr. Ruth Clemens (Utrecht University) and Dr. Kathryn Roberts (University of Groningen). 1-2ECs.


Seminar How We Read: Interpretation, Relation, Mediation | Groningen and Utrecht, November – December 2021. Organizers: Prof. Dr. Laura Bieger (University of Groningen), Prof. Dr. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth (University of Utrecht). 5ECs.


Schrijfcursus voor geesteswetenschappers: Framen, schrappen en herschrijven | Online, January 2022. Organizer: Prof. Dr. Geert Buelens (Utrecht University). 3EC.


Ravenstein Winter School: Literature, (Neo)liberalism, and Public Culture | Amsterdam, 19-21 January 2022. Organizers: Prof. Dr. Maria Boletsi (Leiden University / University of Amsterdam), Dr. Marc Farrant, Divya Nadkarni, Dr. Marco de Waard (University of Amsterdam). 5-6ECs.


Semester 2 (February – July 2022)


Skills Course Creative Non-Fiction Writing | Groningen, February – March 2022. Organizer: Dr. Suzanne Manizza Roszak (University of Groningen). 5ECs.


Workshop: Introduction to Digital Philology | Utrecht, March – April 2022 (three sessions). Organizer: Dr. Gandolfo Cascio (Utrecht University). 1EC.


Skills Course Computational Literary Studies | Amsterdam, March – May 2022. Organizer: Prof. Dr. Karina van Dalen-Oskam (University of Amsterdam). 3-6ECs.


Seminar Contemporary Debates in Life Writing | Amsterdam, April – May 2022. Organizers: Dr. Marleen Rensen (UvA) and Dr. Babs Boter (VU). 5ECs.


Symposium New Perspectives on Literature and the Brain | Amsterdam, 6 May 2022.


OSL PhD Day | 19 May 2022. More details will follow soon.


Workshop How Not to Write a Novel | Amsterdam, 20 May 2022. 1-2 ECs


Hermes Summer School Hosts, Hospitals and Hospitality | Lisbon, 20-24 June 2022


Institute of World Literature Summer Program | Mainz, 4 – 28 July 2022