OSL Recordings

Lecture by Christel Temple (University of Pittsburgh): Black Cultural Mythology, OSL book presentation (online, 19 February 2021)

Lecture by David Alworth (Harvard University): Literature and the Social, OSL workshop (online, 4 December 2020, introduced by Jesse van Amelsvoort)

Recording De kunst van het boekomslag (online, 2 December 2020) — please click here for more details on the event

Lecture by Andrew Piper (McGill University): Generalization, Data, and the Problems of Evidence in Literary Studies. OSL workshop Generalizations, Hypotheses, Evidence in Literary Studies (online, 23 October 2020, introduced by Roel Smeets)

Lecture by Eric Mazur (Harvard) and Pablo Valdivia (Groningen/OSL): Active Learning and Perusall. International Conference of Computational and Corpus Linguistics (online, 21-23 October 2020)

Keynote lecture by Caroline Levine (Cornell University): ‘Defamiliarization for a Sustainable Planet‘. OSL/NIAS conference Stranger Things: Rethinking Defamiliarization in Literature and Visual Culture (Amsterdam, 12-13 December 2019)

Keynote lecture by David Alworth (Harvard University): ‘Paratextual Art‘. OSL Research Day (Groningen, 11 October 2019)