OSL Research Day (11 October 2019, Groningen)

The fourth OSL Research Day will take place on October 11, 2019 at the University Library in Groningen. We invite scholars from all Dutch universities to explore affinities in their research interests and possibilities for future collaboration around a number of research topics (mentioned below).

The Research Day hopes to stimulate more collaboration between literary scholars and existing research groups in the Netherlands. Although literature is the main scope of the OSL Research School, we explicitly encourage multidisciplinary research.

The Research Day will start with the presentation of the 2019 OSL Award, followed by a PhD Forum and a session on Research Funding. After a short lunch break, our special guest Prof. David Alworth (Harvard) will give a keynote lecture presenting his current research project on ‘Paratextual Art’.

In the afternoon, the participants will discuss their own research projects and interests in sessions organised by existent and emerging research groups. Sessions are planned on the topics of literature and law, European crises, literature and the region, literary prizes and cultural transfer, as well as arts and the public sphere. These sessions take 1.5 hour each, and are open to all researchers; they will take different shapes and forms, dependent upon the ideas of the organizers and participants (please see descriptions below).

Seed Money
We would explicitly like to invite participants to think about future collaborations with other OSL members. The OSL Board will make € 1000,- of seed money available for the most promising initiative, including for instance:

  • planning of symposia
  • book publications
  • joint funding applications
  • organization of OSL budgeted academic events such as the Ravenstein Seminar in January 2020 (in this case, the seed money will be added as an extra to the budget already made available by OSL).

Applications (short description of the collaborative project and estimation of expenses, approx. 500 words) should be sent to the OSL office by 15 November 2019 (osl@rug.nl). The OSL Board will notify the recipients by Dec 9.

Participants can register for the Research Day by sending an email to osl@rug.nl before 7 October 2019; please be aware that places are limited, and will be granted on a ‘first come first served’ basis. NB: Please indicate in your email in which sessions you would like to participate, including the parallel sessions in the afternoon.

The event will take place in the RUG University Library, Broerstraat 4, Groningen.

We look forward to meeting you all in Groningen on Oct 11!

Pablo Valdivia, Alberto Godioli, Judith Jansma, Camilla Sutherland, Florian Lippert, Elizabeth Pinilla and the OSL Board


10:00-10:15Coffee Reception-Welcome by Prof. dr Pablo Valdivia & Dr Alberto GodioliJantina Tammeszaal (University Library, Broerstraat 4, 4th floor)
10:15-10:30OSL AwardsJantina Tammeszaal
10:30-11:30PhD Forum (Judith Jansma, Elizabeth Pinilla, Clara Vlessing, Kim Schoof, Juan del Valle Rojas, Gonzalo Albornoz Barra — Chair: Dr Camilla Sutherland)Jantina Tammeszaal


11:30-12:00 Life Beyond ERC & NWO: Research Funding (Presentation: Gema Ocaña RUG Senior Advisor in European Affairs / Funding)Jantina Tammeszaal
13:00-14:00Paratextual Art

Lecture by Prof. David Alworth (Chair: Dr. Marguérite Corporaal)

Jantina Tammeszaal


14:00-15:30Parallel Session 1: Research Group Literature, Law and Society (Convenors: Dr Ted Laros, Dr David Napolitano and Dr Alberto Godioli)


Parallel Session 2: Literature and the Region: Transnational Perspectives (Convenors:
Dr Marguérite Corporaal & Dr Tom Sintobin)


Parallel Session 3: Roundtable on academic publishing (Convenor: Masja Horn, Brill)


Parallel Session 1 – Jantina Tammeszaal


Parallel Session 2 – room to be confirmed


Parallel Session 3 – room to be confirmed


15:30-16:00Coffee BreakJantina Tammeszaal
16:00-17:30Parallel Session 4: Research Group Beyond Borders in Cultural Transfer, session on Literary Prizes and Cultural Transfer (Convenors Dr Petra Broomans, Prof. dr Mathijs Sanders, Dr Jeanette den Toonder)

Parallel Session 5: Arts and the Public Sphere (Convenors: Prof. dr Laura Bieger and Prof. dr Margriet van der Waal)

Parallel Session 6: European Crises (Convenor: Dr Florian Lippert)

Parallel Session 4 – Jantina Tammeszaal



Parallel Session 5 -room tbc

Parallel Session 6 – room tbc

17:30-18:00BreakJantina Tammeszaal
18:00-19:00Book presentation Dr Konstantin Mierau, Capturing the Pícaro in Words: Literary and Institutional Representations of Marginal Communities in Early Modern Madrid (Routledge, 2019).

Chair: Prof. dr Pablo Valdivia

Jantina Tammeszaal

Description of Parallel Sessions:

  1. Literature, Law and Society: Format = invited speakers + open discussion; description will be uploaded in early July.
  2. Literature and the Region: Format = invited speakers + open discussion; description available here
  3. Roundtable on academic publishing: Description will be uploaded in early July
  4. Literary Prizes and Cultural Transfer: Description available here (NB: the description also contains a call for papers; deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 September 2019)
  5. Arts and the Public Sphere: Description will be uploaded in early July
  6. European Crises: Format = invited speakers + open discussion; Description = ‘Crises are omnipresent in today’s discourses on Europe – from the 2008 financial breakdown to the current debates on migration, democracy, history and cultural memory. In this panel, contributors will discuss and exemplify how Literary Studies, and the Humanities and Social Sciences as a whole, can contribute to the critical analyses of the conflicts and discourses underlying these scenarios.’