OSL Research Groups: Literature, Law and Society

Our group aims to promote collaborative research revolving around the concept of innovation across Law and Literature (as well as the broader Humanities), with a particular but not exclusive focus on the following questions:
1) How can literary studies help us understand the dynamics of legal innovation, including the tension between tradition (authority) and deviation?
2) How can literature actively contribute to legal innovation and to the creation of new legal meaning (jurisgenesis, Cover 1983), with special regard to crucial areas such as human rights and animal rights?
3) How can we innovate Law and Literature as an interdiscipline, moving beyond the limits imposed by the distinction between Law as Literature, Law in Literature, and Law of Literature (Anker and Meyler 2017)?
Starting from March 2019, the group will hold trimonthly meetings to share ideas and provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond OSL. If you are interested in joining the group’s activities, please send an email to the coordinators.

Coordinators: dr. Ted Laros (ted.laros@ou.nl), dr. David Napolitano (d.p.h.napolitano@hum.leidenuniv.nl)

Current members: mr. dr. Claudia Bouteligier (Rotterdam); prof. mr. dr. Jeanne Gaakeer (Rotterdam); dr. Alberto Godioli (Groningen); dr. Yasco Horsman (Leiden); prof. dr. Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden/Rotterdam); Yuliia Khyzhniak (Groningen); dr. Ted Laros (Open Universiteit NL); dr. Marielle Matthee MA (Leiden); dr. Megan Milota (UMC Utrecht); dr. mr. David Napolitano (Leiden); Pauline Phoa LLM (Utrecht); dr. Anna Poletti (Utrecht); dr. Timo Slootweg (Leiden); mr. dr. drs. Iris van Domselaar (UvA Amsterdam); Tessa de Zeeuw MA (Leiden).