OSL Research Groups: Literature, Law and Society

The research group “Literature, Law and Society” is intended as an open platform for an interdisciplinary dialogue on the nexus of law and literature, branching and extending beyond narrow conceptions of either law or literature and exploring and questioning the exclusivity of that pairing.

The aim of the research group is to act as an incubator of collaborative research ideas, to translate these ideas into concrete and viable research projects, and to disseminate the resulting research findings to a wide variety of audiences.

Starting from April 2019, the group will hold trimonthly meetings to share ideas and provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond OSL. If you are interested in joining the group’s activities, please send an email to the coordinators.

Coordinators: dr. Ted Laros (ted.laros@ou.nl), dr. mr. David Napolitano (d.p.h.napolitano@hum.leidenuniv.nl)

Current members: Dr. mr. Michiel Bot (Tilburg); mr. dr. Claudia Bouteligier (Rotterdam); Dr. Vicky Breemen (Utrecht); Dr. Kelly Breemen (NIOD);  prof. Andrew Bricker (Ghent); mr. dr. Carinne Elion-Valter (Rotterdam); prof. mr. dr. Jeanne Gaakeer (Rotterdam); dr. Alberto Godioli (Groningen); dr. Yasco Horsman (Leiden); prof. dr. Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden/Rotterdam); Yuliia Khyzhniak (Groningen); dr. Ted Laros (Open Universiteit NL); dr. Marielle Matthee MA (Leiden); dr. Megan Milota (UMC Utrecht); dr. mr. David Napolitano (Leiden); Pauline Phoa LLM (Utrecht); dr. Anna Poletti (Utrecht); dr. Timo Slootweg (Leiden); mr. dr. drs. Iris van Domselaar (UvA Amsterdam); Tessa de Zeeuw MA (Leiden).