OSL Seminar ‘Perspectives on African Literature’

Organisation: Dr Astrid Van Weyenberg, Dr Ksenia Robbe and Dr Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues (Leiden University)
Location: Leiden University, room t.b.a.
Dates: 16 Oct, 2 Nov, 16 Nov, 21 Nov, 7 Dec, 14 Dec (from 1-4 pm)
Open to: PhD Candidates and RMA students; OSL members will have first access
Format: Three-hour seminars
Exams: Three short papers of 1500 words each, engaging with the readings and discussion of the two preceding weeks
Credits: 5 EC
Registration will open September 2018

Although political, sociological, ethnographical or anthropological perspectives from, on and about Africa are frequently examined and discussed, African artistic domains remain relatively underexposed in the Netherlands. This is remarkable, especially when taking into account that African artistic practices are booming – both at home and around the world. In this seminar we will investigate a range of African literary texts. We will organize our discussions around three thematic clusters: 1) memory and identity; 2) travel and encounter; and 3) translation and adaptation. The seminar is not meant to represent Africa as a continent as such, but aims to study African literary production from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of different academics active in the field of African literature.

PART 1: Memory & Identity (organized by Ksenia Robbe)

• 1 (26/10): Dr. Ksenia Robbe

• 2 (2/11): Dr. Hanneke Stuit, University of Amsterdam

 Deadline #1: 9/11 midnight

PART 2: Travel & Encounter (organized by Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues)

• 3 (16/11): Dr. Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues

• 4 (23/11): Dr. Sara Brandellero, Leiden University

 Deadline #2: 1/12 midnight

PART 3: Translation & Adaptation (organized by Astrid Van Weyenberg)

• 5 (7/12): Dr. Sola Adeyemi, Goldsmiths University

• 6 (14/12): Dr. Paulina Aroch Fugelie, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City

 Deadline #3: 21/12 midnight