OSL Research Groups

OSL Research Groups are inter-university groups committed to the discussion, advancement and reflection of the state(s) of the art of literary studies in the Netherlands. Starting September 2020, OSL Research Groups have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • To involve at least two or more research institutions within the Netherlands or at an international level (i.e. two or more Dutch universities; one Dutch university with one or more well-recognized international research institutions; one Dutch university and a well-recognized research-oriented Dutch foundation; etc.);
  • To organize at least 1 joint academic activity per year (workshop, conference, expert meeting, etc.);
  • To produce at least 1 joint research output per year (special issue, joint peer-reviewed publication, collaborative research grant, etc.);
  • To commit to being active for a period of 3 years. Every 3 years, OSL Research Groups will be subject to evaluation by the OSL Executive Board; more details regarding the evaluation procedure will be provided to the coordinators of the research groups. OSL Research Groups will remain operative for as long as they fulfill the criteria listed above.


Affiliated Research Groups

Affiliated Research Groups are local (university or faculty-based) groups involving OSL researchers. They do not receive priority support, but their initiatives are promoted via the OSL website and newsletter.


Proposing a new group

If you are interested in proposing a new OSL Research Group, please send an email to osl@rug.nl by 30 October 2020. Your application should include the following information:

  • Name and mission of the group, with an emphasis on its innovative and research-driven character as well as its relevance to OSL (max. 500 words);
  • Name of at least five prospective team members, from at least two different research institutions (cf. criteria above);
  • An indicative overview of planned activities for the period 2021-2024.

In December 2020, the OSL Executive Board will communicate the outcome of the call to those who have participated; group-related information will be requested and uploaded on the OSL website.

February 2021: the new OSL Research Groups will start to be operative.