OSL Workshop ‘Regional Literature in Transnational Contexts’

Nijmegen | 11-13 January 2023

Organizer: Prof. Marguérite Corporaal (Radboud University)

Co-organizers: Anneloek Scholten, Sophie van Os, Tom Sintobin, Chris Cusack and Giulia Bruna

Open to: PhDs and RMA students; OSL members have first access.

Credits: 2ECs. NB: Credits can only be awarded to humanities ReMA and PhD students from Dutch universities.

Registration will open in 28 November 2022. Deadline for registration: 4 January 2023, end of day. NB: Should you encounter problems with the registration form, please try emptying your cache and/or signing up via a different browser. If the problem persists, you can register by emailing osl@rug.nl with your name, affiliation, status (ReMA, PhD, other) and research school membership.


This workshop combines an introduction to regional literature from c.1840-1940, and its current themes and approaches, with a skills-based workshop that prepares RMA students and PhD candidates for attending academic conferences. It involves attending the conference ‘Cultural Representations of the Region in Transnational Contexts, c.1840-1940’, hosted by researchers in the NWO-funded VICI project ‘Redefining the Region’, as well as a complementary introductory workshop session.

This introductory session takes place on the morning before the conference (Wednesday 11 January 2023), and students will discuss assigned readings on regional writing in transnational contexts, as well as read selected abstracts from conference speakers. These will serve as a starting point for students to write their own mock abstract for the conference collaboratively during the session, based on the literature read in preparation for the workshop and text they are familiar with.  Moreover, in groups, students develop potential questions for the keynote speakers, which they are invited to ask at the conference itself.

Please click here for the full programme

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