Enrolment with OSL

PhD candidates and ReMA students

To join the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL), PhD candidates and ReMA students have to be enrolled by their local Graduate School (GS). After enrolment by the GS, new members will receive confirmation of their membership from OSL.

At the beginning of the first year of their studies, ReMA students must inform the coordinator of their programme as soon as possible which national research school they want to joint. The coordinator will then pass on this information to the local graduate school, and the graduate school will in turn inform the national school/OSL. OSL will then send a confirmation to the student. As an OSL member, students will get privilegded access to courses and seminars offered by OSL. Dependent upon the specific regulations at the local level, ReMA students are required to obtain 5-6 EC each year at their national school.

At the beginning of their research-project, PhD candidates compile an education and supervision-plan (“opleidings- en begeleidingsplan”, or OBP) together with their supervisors. Included in the OBP, is the national research school where the PhD candidate expects to follow the majority of their courses, and in which they therefore should be enrolled. If you are a ReMA student, your local Graduate School should in principle enquire at the beginning of the master-trajectory which research school you want to join.

When in doubt about your enrolment with OSL, or if you are uncertain who your representative at the local GS is, contact the OSL office via osl@rug.nl.

Staff members of Dutch and other universities

Academic staff members of Dutch universities are welcome to become a member of OSL. They are expected to work in the field of literary studies, hold a PhD, and have an interest in the teaching and research activities programmed by OSL. They are welcome to contribute to the programme. Academics who are not employed by a Dutch university may be admitted as an international affiliated member of OSL on the ground of mutual, structural, strategic institutional interest and under invitation only. Membership is free and non-exclusive. Staff members can join OSL by sending an email message to the OSL Academic Director Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia (p.valdivia.martin@rug.nl), mentioning their faculty, university and PhD title. 


Please notice that subscription for the OSL newsletter alone does not make you an OSL member! OSL members do not receive the newsletter automatically; because of privacy regulations you have to sign up for the newsletter independent of your membership.