Forms of Postcolonial and Postsocialist Time: Eternal Presents and Resurfacing Futures

Dates: 22 February + 8 and 22 March + 5 and 19 April 2023 | Time: TBC | Location: University of Amsterdam | Organizers: Dr Ksenia Robbe (University of Groningen), Dr Sanjukta Sunderason (University of Amsterdam) and Dr Hanneke Stuit (University of Amsterdam) | Open to: PhDs and RMA students; OSL members have first access | Credits: 5ECs. NB: Credits can only be awarded to humanities ReMA and PhD students from Dutch universities | More information

Registration will open 28 November 2022.

Oudemanhuispoort A0.09 (8 February, 8 and 22 March, 5 April);

University Library, Belle van Zuylenzaal (22 February)

Oudemanhuispoort C 2.23 (19 April)


Bookings are closed for this event.