The Newsroom

The launch of the Newsroom and its first session will take place on Friday, April 25 (14:00-17:00) in Amsterdam. We will meet in room 1.01 A of the Universiteitstheater (Doelenstraat 16-18) and have  drinks afterwards. The meeting will be prepared by Odile Bodde and Emy Koopman (Leiden University); dr. Peter Verstraten (Leiden) will participate as a senior researcher. The readings will be made available in an online-dropbox four weeks before the meeting. (If all participants agree, the meeting itself can be held in Dutch). The following sessions are scheduled for September, November, January and March 2014-15.

In order to register for the opening session of the Newsroom and get access to the dropbox please send an email to dr. Eloe Kingma ( before April 15. Students who want to organize a session of the Newsroom themselves  (or team up with a fellow PhD-student to do so) are very welcome to send an email to Stephan Besser  ( and/or bring your ideas to the first meeting. Obviously, this format will only work if as many PhD-students as possible are prepared to attend the meetings contribute their ideas on a regular basis. So we hope to see you all on April 25 in Amsterdam! 

THE NEWSROOM is the regular OSL PhD event for the discussion of seminal theoretical texts, research in progress and recent developments in literary studies. Each session is curated by two PhD students with related research projects. They present their research and select a limited number of theoretical and secondary texts that they discuss with their fellow PhD students and a senior researcher in the field. THE NEWSROOM takes place five times in each academic year. It is based on the commitment of the participants to share their work, ideas, questions, expertise and inspiration within and beyond the scope of their own projects.