OSL/NICA Symposium: Posthuman Futures in Literature and Art

Posthuman Futures in Literature and Art

OSL/NICA symposium | 10-11 June 2021, Amsterdam | Organizers: Amalia Calderón and José Bernardo Pedroso Couto Soares (UvA) | 2-3 EC | Open to: PhD candidates and RMA students; OSL and NICA members have first access.

Registration will open Fall 2020

In order for our ecosystem to survive, humanity needs radical storytelling (Haraway). This seminar series seeks to explore how art & fiction, as both discipline and cultural practice, can envision a posthuman future. Starting from the point of spatial injustice and (ecological) exile, it will investigate past and current artistic projects that confront anthropocentric, speciesist and xenophobic discourses. Moving on to alternative forms of storytelling we will draw upon the body, memory and fluctuating identity conceptions that re-imagine narratives in the hands of the subaltern (i.e. queerness, animals, indigenous populations). Finally, the seminars will enquire on the role of posthuman art as a practice, and how its methodologies and objectives confer art & fiction a specific role in posthumanism.

This is a collaborative project that encompasses disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, including: theater, literary, performance, environmental and decolonial studies; sociology; comparative literature; and artistic research. The seminars aim to delve into the problematics and potentialities of several forms of art & fiction, and on how they are understood both as a practice and as a cultural phenomenon within the framework of posthumanism.

The seminars will consist of a 2-day series of lectures, organized in three blocks: (Ecological) Exile & Spatial Justice, Alternative Storytelling and Practising Posthuman Art. Presentations are open to either academic lectures or artistic performances. The seminars will include two extra activities: on the first day, there will be a roundtable by experts of different fields, with the aim of bridging disciplines and formulating new questions; on the second day, attendants will have the opportunity to participate on an Art Slam and present their research (artistic/posthuman/both) in a competition.