Symposium ‘The Negotiation of Values in Narrative’

Groningen, 31 January 2019

The University of Groningen would like to invite you to the Symposium “The Negotiation of Values in Narrative,” which will be held on 31 January 2019 in the Doopsgezinde Kerk, Groningen. The Symposium is organised in honour of prof. dr. Liesbeth Korthals Altes, who will retire from the academy, and offers a platform to eminent scholars in the field of narrative.

Call for participants: CETRA Summer School 2019

19 – 30 Aug 2019 | University of Leuven, campus Antwerp, Belgium
In 1989 José Lambert created a special research program in Translation Studies at the University of Leuven in order to promote research training in the study of translational phenomena and to stimulate high-level research into the cultural functions of translation. Since then, this unique program has attracted talented PhD students, postdocs and young scholars who spend two weeks of research under the supervision of a team of prominent scholars, and under the supervision of the Chair Professor, an annually appointed expert in the field of Translation Studies.

Synergy conference 2019

7 February 2019
Synergy conference 2019 is a dynamic day full of insights, inspiration and interaction. From a 360-degree perspective, different angles on key topics impacting the SSH disciplines will be debated. In short: THINK360! One of the main conference topics is the impact of digitalisation on science and on our everyday lives.

2000ste gedicht aangemeld op

UTRECHT – Literatuurwetenschapper Kila van der Starre, verbonden aan de Universiteit Utrecht, heeft voor het eerst op grote schaal in kaart gebracht welke gedichten te lezen zijn in de openbare ruimte van Nederland en Vlaanderen. Met behulp van crowdsourcing is nu het 2000ste gedicht aangemeld op de door haar opgerichte site

Call for Papers – Metamodernism

Deadline abstracts: 1 February 2019
Metamodernism registers how artists across different disciplines have recently responded to the ways in which postmodernism appears increasingly unable to account for recent developments in history and culture. Critics differ, however, in their response to this phenomenon, which can be roughly divided into two main perspectives. Tim Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker – working in the areas of fine art and cultural studies rather than literary criticism – propose that Metamodernism attempts to account for the emergence of a wider “structure of feeling” in the twenty-first century which responds to our historicity, bound up with the aftermaths of 9/11, the financial crash and austerity. David James and Urmila Seshagiri, on the other hand, present Metamodernism as a concept that explains the resurfacing, and reworking, of Modernism in contemporary fiction. This conference seeks to bring together the various strands in this debate by focusing on the question how Metamodernism, in the terminology of Vermeulen, Van den Akker and Alison Gibbons, upcycles “past styles, conventions and techniques.”

Call for papers: Beyond Boundaries. Authorship and Readership in Life Writing

24 and 25 October 2019 | Tilburg University
In ‘The Limits of Life Writing’ David McCooey (2017) argues that in life-writing studies, the concept of limits or boundaries plays a central role. Since the rise of auto/biography studies in the 1970s and 1980s critical attention has been paid to generic limits and the limits concerning the auto/biographical subject. With respect to the former, discussions have evolved in particular around the boundaries between literary and factual writing, and between verbal, graphic, audio-visual and digital forms of life writing. In regard to the latter, academics since the 1990s have given attention to the expansion of auto/biographical subjects previously marginalized, which has deepened, among other things, the cross-cultural understanding of experience and identity. This expansion of auto/biographical subjects, but also the rise of social media as a medium for life writing have contested the limits of selfhood.

Call for Papers – InDialog 3

InDialog 3 will be held in Antwerp on 21-22 November 2019 and hosted jointly by the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven Antwerp campus.
Continuing the initiative of the past two conferences in the series, InDialog 3 will deal with dialogue interpreting in its many forms. The conference focuses on the impact of different contexts on the way dialogue interpreting unfolds in practice and how this phenomenon is being researched and addressed in (higher) education and training.

Oratie Prof. dr. Liedeke Plate (RU)

Dansen in het museum: contiguïteit, cultuur en inclusiviteit Datum: 14 December 2018 Tijd: 15:45 uur Locatie: Aula Radboud Universiteit, Comeniuslaan 2, 6525 HP Nijmegen Professor Liedeke Plate, hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit, Faculteit der Letteren met de leeropdracht Cultuur & Inclusiviteit zal in een academische zitting op vrijdag 14 december 2018 om 15:45 uur precies haar […]

CfP Soapbox: Journal for Cultural Analysis

For this issue, we encourage thinking ‘Off the Grid’ – calling for papers that envision and/or enact within, outside, through or against systems of perception, matter, energy and space. Papers might explore perspectives against logics that distribute power across concepts and cables, design and tarmac, techniques and technologies.

VAL – Studiedag Literatuur en Religie

De Vlaamse Vereniging voor Algemene en Vergelijkende Literatuurwetenschap (VAL) organiseert op vrijdag 14 december 2018 haar jaarlijkse studiedag, die dit jaar ‘Literatuur en Religie’ als thema heeft en zal plaatsvinden aan de Universiteit Antwerpen. Tijdens de studiedag komt een breed palet van literaire tradities, confessies en methodologische invalshoeken aan bod, met onderwerpen gaande van moderne zenboeddhistische autobiografieën tot de joodse stadsroman, […]