‘Translate Yourself’: Talk by Eben Venter

Translate Yourself

Groningen | 23 September 2019
You are kindly invited to the following talk by renowned South African author, Eben Venter, on 23 September from 18:30 – 19:45 in the context of Week van de Afrikaanse Roman, and in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen and the Chair in South African Literature, Culture, and History (University of Amsterdam).


Het ROSANNA Fonds voor Vrouwen is opgericht door Rosi Braidotti en Anneke Smelik, met als doel het stimuleren van het academisch onderwijs voor getalenteerde vrouwen aan de Universiteit Utrecht.
De eerstvolgende deadline voor het ontvangen van aanmeldingen voor een ROSANNA Fonds Beurs is 1 december 2019.

Beyond Boundaries: Authorship and Readership in Life Writing

24th -25th October 2019 | Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Until now little attention has been paid to the boundaries between life writing for adults on the one hand and life writing for young readers on the other. Beyond Boundaries will explore this aspect of life writing. This conference will consider how and why studying the reception and audiences of life writing for both adults and young readers is important.

Doctoral School Arts, Humanities and Law: ‘Human Action between Satisfaction and Obligation’

Ghent | 10-11 June 2019
Action is a key dimension of the human being. Situated beyond the mere adaptive or instinctive behavior characteristic of most animals, human action is crucially mediated by language. In this regard, the question on action can be formulated as follows: are the main reasons that lead people to act imaginary, symbolic, or grounded in the “real” world? Can we talk about conditions of possibility for human actions as such? To what extent are duty, social responsibility, pleasure and enjoyment constitutive to human action? What does it mean to say that the surrounding world mobilizes us for acting?

Call for Papers: Memory, Word and Image: W.G. Sebald’s Artistic Legacies

Please send abstracts by 20 June 2019
Artists tend to work across disciplines and “art cannot be disciplined” (Hito Steyerl). Taking the case of W.G. Sebald’s interdisciplinary word and image practice on memory and presences of (migratory) lives as touchstone for our discussions, this conference seeks to foster academic, professional, artistic and public scholarship by exploring cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, findings, techniques, practices and theoretical advances in the areas of memory, word and image.

Metamodernism Conference (with a lecture by Will Self)

Radboud University | 3-5 July 2019
The conference is organized by Dr Usha Wilbers (u.wilbers@let.ru.nl) and Dr Dennis Kersten (d.kersten@let.ru.nl), in collaboration with Prof. dr. Antony Rowland of Manchester Metropolitan University. This will be the final event of the Metamodernism AHRC project. For more information, please see http://www.ahrc-metamodernism.co.uk.