PhD Newsroom – The Roaring Thirties: Reviewing in the Context of Middlebrow and Radio


Donderdag, 25 september 2014. PhD Newsroom – The Roaring Thirties: Reviewing in the Context of Middlebrow and Radio
THE NEWSROOM is the regular OSL PhD event for the discussion of seminal theoretical texts, research in progress and recent developments in literary studies. Each session is curated by two PhD students with related research projects. They present their research and select a limited number of theoretical and secondary texts that they discuss with their fellow PhD students and a senior researcher in the field. THE NEWSROOM takes place five times in each academic year. It is based on the commitment of the participants to share their work, ideas, questions, expertise and inspiration within and beyond the scope of their own projects.

Deleuze Seminars 2014-2015


Academic year 2014-2015. Deleuze and the New Humanities.
The seminar consists of ten sessions in English which will run throughout the academic year 2013-14 in Utrecht. Research masters and PhD students, as well as staff members, are welcome to participate. Students can get credits for their participation by attending regularly (attendance will be registered) and writing a final paper. Each session of the three-hour seminar will consist of an in-depth reading of a text by Gilles Deleuze (with or without Felix Guattari), sometimes alongside secondary texts by other theorists or philosophers.

OSL Seminar – Poetics of Knowledge


OSL Seminar 2014-15 – Poetics of Knowledge. 5 meetings, 2nd sem. 2014-15
Research into the various relations between literature and knowledge has been a productive as well as topical trend in literary studies in recent years (think of the shifting relations between sciences and humanities, persistent calls for interdisciplinarity and the trending notion of the “knowledge society”). Research conducted in this area might focus on the interaction between literature and disciplines as diverse as psychology/psychoanalysis (M. Kemperink), neuroscience (F. Vidal), economics (J. Vogl), biology, ecology and cybernetics.

CFP Games and Literary Theory


International Conference Series in Games and Literary Theory

Second Annual Conference hosted by the University of Amsterdam, Department of English and the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL), Amsterdam, November 20-22, 2014
The Digital Games and Literary Theory Conference Series addresses the scope and appeal of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of games and games’ impact on other fields in the Humanities. We are particularly interested in digital game modalities and how these might be seen as reconfiguring and questioning concepts, practices and orthodoxies integral to literary theory (i.e. textuality, subjectivity, authorship, the linguistic turn, the ludic, and the nature of fiction).

OSL Electives

OSL Electives

OSL Electives RMa; 5 to 12 ECTS The OSL Electives are a set of RMa courses offered by OSL in cooperation with various departments of literary studies across the country. They reflect the specific orientation and expertise of the local RMa programs and are connected to the focal areas of research at OSL (see Mission…  Read more →