OSL Seminar – Poetics of Knowledge

poetics of knowledge

OSL Seminar 2014-15 – Poetics of Knowledge. 5 meetings, 2nd sem. 2014-15
Research into the various relations between literature and knowledge has been a productive as well as topical trend in literary studies in recent years (think of the shifting relations between sciences and humanities, persistent calls for interdisciplinarity and the trending notion of the “knowledge society”). Research conducted in this area might focus on the interaction between literature and disciplines as diverse as psychology/psychoanalysis (M. Kemperink), neuroscience (F. Vidal), economics (J. Vogl), biology, ecology and cybernetics.

Computational Literary Studies (2015)

Comp lit studies

March-June 2015
Scholars working in computational literary studies make use of computer software that helps them to analyze digital textual data. Software can support the exploration of a much larger amount of data in systematic ways than was possible before. In this course, students will get introduced to the most important current approaches in computational literary studies, ranging from the analysis of style and methods for the verification and attribution of authorship to various forms of ‘distant reading’ and discourse analysis

Terra Critica ReadingRoom


Terra Critica, the international research network for the re-examination of cultural theory and critique in the 21th century, launches a new series of meetings called ReadingRoom. The sessions are open to anyone interested in careful and caring close readings of literary and critical texts and intended to create a space for meaningful conversations in the humanities and beyond.

Ravenstein Seminar 2015


January 21-23, 2015
There are good reasons to doubt that reading has ever been reducible to the individual act of immersion and seclusion that nineteenth-century conceptions of aesthetic response depicted it to be. Digital technologies and transformations of literary culture, however, have recently rendered this conception more questionable than ever.

PhD Newsroom – The Poetics and Politics of National Identity


Friday, 28 November 2014
The next session of the PhD Newsroom will take place on Friday, November 28, 15:00-18:00 at the University of Amsterdam (Bungehuis 3.37, Spuistraat 210, Amsterdam). The organizers are Josip Kesic (UvA) and Ruud van den Beuken (RUG), Dr Kirsztina Lajosi and Dr Boris Noordenbos will be present as senior experts.

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