Course – Creative Writing: Practice, Research and Reflection


Dates: Nov 9, Nov 25 & Dec 9 // 5 ECTS
In this course, participants reflect on academic writing as a genre and acquire a wider range of skills. They learn to use creative writing techniques as forms of artistic research and methodological inspiration. The morning sessions introduce recent research on creative writing as a historical and discursive phenomenon, various approaches to creativity and the practical experiences of authors and journalists who have crossed the borders between academic, literary and journalistic writing. In the afternoon seminars, students experiment with various literary and creative writing techniques.

OSL Seminar 2016-17 – The Spatial Turn and Beyond: New Perspectives on Literature and Space

st 5

Sept-Nov 2016, UvA. — This seminar will provide a broad overview of the most recent developments in the spatial humanities, with particular (but not exclusive) regard to literature. By so doing, we will engage with two complementary questions: How can the study of space shed new light on the interpretation of literary texts? And conversely, what can literature tell us about the ways human beings experience spatiality in different cultural and political contexts?

Promotie Willemijn van der Linden (RU) – Over de grenzen van autoriteit


Over de grenzen van autoriteit: literaire gezagsverhoudingen tussen natuurwetenschappen, religie en geesteswetenschappen in De ontdekking van de hemel (1992) van Harry Mulisch — Woensdag, 6 juli 2016, 14:30, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Faculteit Faculteit der Letteren, Academiezaal Aula, Comeniuslaan 2.

Book announcement – Dichters van het nieuwe millennium. Nederlandse en Vlaamse poëzie in de 21e eeuw


Dichters van het nieuwe millennium. Nederlandse en Vlaamse poëzie in de 21e eeuw. Red. Jeroen Dera, Sarah Posman en Kila van der Starre (2016). — De poëzie in de 21e eeuw leeft volop. Iedere week kun je wel ergens dichters zien en horen optreden, de jaarlijkse Gedichtendag is veranderd van één dag naar één week en zonder stads- of dorpsdichter is een gemeente niet langer compleet. In dit boek, maakt de lezer kennis met 24 uiteenlopende dichters uit Nederland en Vlaanderen die in het millenium debuteeerden.

Call for Ideas: Contribute to the OSL programme


With this call for ideas, we would like to encourage all OSL staff members (i.e. OSL members with an appointment at a Dutch university) to contribute their ideas, research interests and expertise to the OSL programme. We look forward to your ideas!

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