Deleuze Seminars 2014-2015


Academic year 2014-2015. Deleuze and the New Humanities.

OSL Seminar – Poetics of Knowledge


OSL Seminar 2014-15 – Poetics of Knowledge. 5 meetings, 2nd sem. 2014-15

Games and Literary Theory


International Conference Series in Games and Literary Theory

Second Annual Conference hosted by the University of Amsterdam, Department of English and the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL), Amsterdam, November 20-22, 2014
The Digital Games and Literary Theory Conference Series addresses the scope and appeal of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of games and games’ impact on other fields in the Humanities. We are particularly interested in digital game modalities and how these might be seen as reconfiguring and questioning concepts, practices and orthodoxies integral to literary theory (i.e. textuality, subjectivity, authorship, the linguistic turn, the ludic, and the nature of fiction).

OSL Electives

OSL Electives

OSL Electives RMa; 5 to 12 ECTS The OSL Electives are a set of RMa courses offered by OSL in cooperation with various departments of literary studies across the country. They reflect the specific orientation and expertise of the local RMa programs and are connected to the focal areas of research at OSL (see Mission…  Read more →

Idealism as an Option for Literary Criticism Today


Master Class Date: June 18, 15:00-18:00 I Location: University of Amsterdam (room tba) I1 ECTS
In this master class, professor Roche will discuss a number of questions that he will address in an upcoming volume on “Idealism Today.” More specifically, he will expand on the ways in which his own orientation as a literary critic has—somewhat anomalously in the contemporary academic landscape—been oriented towards the German idealist tradition, but in a systematic rather than simply historical way. Among his key scholarly aims ranks the striving to make idealist categories relevant for the analysis of, among other objects of study, tragedy and comedy, the value of literature in the technology, and the aesthetics of the ugly

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