Reading group Fredric Jameson


Antinomies of Realism Rik Spanjers and Stephan Besser (UvA) are looking for fellow scholars (RMa students, PhD candidates, staff members) to discuss Fredric Jameson’s most recent book The Antinomies of Realism (2013), in particular the first part on the relation of narrative, realism and what Jameson terms the ‘present of affect’. If you are interested…  Read more →

Call for Ideas and Proposals

Call for ideas

We would like to encourage all OSL members—RMa students, PhD candidates and staff members at the different universities—to contribute their ideas, research interests and expertise to the OSL programme

Keynote Lecture – Prof. dr Sandra Ponzanesi (Utrecht University)


5 June, 2015
This presentation offers an interpretation of a component of postcolonial studies by unpacking its relation to the cultural industry. It analyzes how cultural productions are not just aesthetic objects, or pure disposable commodities, but “practices” that engage the local and the global in specific ways.

Terra Critica ReadingRoom


Terra Critica ReadingRoom
1 May 2015, 10.30-13.30
In this session of our series speculation & fabulation – critique in the SF mode, we are reading Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector with French feminist Hélène Cixous to explore (non-)human becomings, writing and feminist speculation.

Call for Questions: Dutch Science Agenda and beyond


There are good reasons to be critical of the government’s project of a Nationale Wetenschapsagenda that started on April 1; quite a few of you have voiced their concerns by signing the OSL statement ‘Vrijheid van onderzoek’ not long ago. However, since the NWA is a fact now, we—the members of the board and the…  Read more →