Newsroom V – Corina Koolen: ‘The Gender Factor in Judging Literary Quality – a Quantitative Approach’

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Datum: vrijdag, 27 nov 2015, 15:00-17:30 Locatie: UvA, P.C. Hoofthuis, zaal 5.56 In deze Newsroom zal Corina Koolen een presentatie met de titel ‘The Gender Factor in Judging Literary Quality – a Quantitative Approach’ over haar promotieonderzoek geven. Corina is als promovenda betrokken bij het onderzoeksproject The Riddle of Literary Quality, een project van de…  Read more →

Ravenstein Seminar 2016 – Cultural Hierarchies and Practices of Middlebrow Culture

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Date: January 27-29, 2016

This conference will focus on the formation, shape and impact of cultural hierarchies on western literature in the twentieth and twenty-first century. The conference aims to complicate existing views of the genealogy and functioning of cultural hierarchies by exploring hitherto largely neglected practices and discourses. The interactions between various forms of high and low culture will be given a special emphasis, as well as middlebrow culture as a distinct cultural sphere with its own protocols and practices

OSL General Meeting and Research Day

OSL meeting

January 12, 2016; 13:00 – open end. University of Amsterdam.

We cordially invite all our postgraduate members (PhD-candidates, post-docs and staff members) to the first OSL General Meeting and Matchmaking Event on January 12, 2016. The goal of this event is twofold: On the one hand, it is intended as a forum for the discussion and exchange of feedback on upcoming funding applications by OSL members; on the other hand, it is designed to stimulate future collaborations and a culture of synergy and mutual support by literary scholars in times of shrinking resources and fierce competition.

Public lecture – Prof. dr. Derek Attridge (University of York)


December 4, 2015
This lecture will take up the powerful challenge that J.M. Coetzee’s writing makes to the idea of a rational ethics

Call for Papers – Reading the Present through the Past


4 March 2016
For this one-day symposium, we invite contributions that take up the challenge to think about the continuities and specificities of contemporary (neo)historical fiction and explore it as a literary and cultural phenomenon

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